Past Research

2001 Research

by Dr. Janusz Zalewski

Real-Time Software Architectures and Design Patterns: Fundamental Concepts and Their Consequences

J. Zalewski

Annual Reviews in Control, Vol. 25, No. 1, pp. 133-146, July 2001.

Abstract: This paper discusses the principles of software architectures for real-time systems.The fundamental idea of a real-time ar chitecture is based on the concept of feedback used in control engineering. A generic architecture is derived for three major categories of real-time systems. Then a fundamental design pattern is presented, valid for all major architectures. This is followed by a discussion of variations in the basic architecture for distributed systems and safety related systems. Finally, tool support for architectural design and a case study are discussed.

Developing Component-Based Software for Real-Time Systems

J. Zalewski

Proc. EUROMICRO Workshop on Components-Based Software Engineering, Warsaw, Poland, September 4-6, 2001

Abstract: This paper discusses the principles of developing software components for real-time systems. The procedure is based on the fundamental concept of a real-time architecture rooted in the feedback control paradigm in control engineering. Generic design patterns for real-time software components are presented, valid for al l relevant real-time architectures. Final ly, a case study of an air traffic control system based on the CORBA framework is discussed. Tool support for componentbased design and implementation is presented, including industry-strength commercial off-the-shelf software.

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