Past Research

2002 Research

by Dr. Janusz Zalewski

Real-Time Software Design Patterns

J. Zalewski

Proc. 9th Conf. on Real-Time Systems, Ustron, Poland, 16-19 Sept. 2002, pp. 23-42

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to provide a road map to understanding and use of real-time design patterns. To meet this objective, we provide a brief overview of the origins of design patterns, then discuss a wide variety of specific real-time design patterns, and finally provide our own classification of patterns, which is derived from a systematic approach to real-time system design and real-time software architectures.

Kalman Filter Enhancement for UAV Navigation

R. Johnson, J. Sasiadek, J. Zalewski

3rd Int'l Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems, San Antonio, Texas, January 27-31, 2002 (published in Proc. SCS 2003 Collaborative Technologies Symposium, pp. 267-272)

Abstract: This paper proposes two methods to enhance traditional extended Kalman filter for UAV navigation. One is based on using fuzzy rules to choose parameters of an adaptive Kalman filter. The other uses inherent parallelism to speed up iterations in Kalman filter computations. Both methods are described briefly and simulation results are presented.

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