Past Research

2014 Research

by Dr. Janusz Zalewski

Design of Reactive Security Mechanisms in Time-Triggered Embedded Systems

D. Trawczynski, J. Zalewski, J. Sosnowski

SAE Intern. Journal of Passenger Cars - Electronic and Electrical Systems Vol. 7,No. 2, pp. 527-535, 2014.

Abstract: In the paper we discuss how a single node communication interface failure in a time-triggered system can be used to model a DoS-type attack. More so, we present a design approach based on active detection of common DoS characteristics, which can serve as a template for attack detection. This approach is feasible in time-triggered systems because of the periodic and deterministic characteristics either at the fieldbus communication or application level. We support our discussion with an example case study of a vehicle braking system implementing time-triggered messages disturbed by fault injection

A Software-based Robotic Vision Simulator for Use in Teaching Introductory Robotics Courses

F. Gonzalez, J. Zalewski

Proc. 9th Inter. Conference on Electrical and Control Technologies, Kaunas, Lithuania, May 8-9, 2014.

Abstract: This paper introduces an educational software tool that allows the student to program their complete robotic vision system using a high level language while saving them time on the implementation of the lower level algorithms. The tool consists of an integrated development environment (IDE) where the student practices with the different methods and parameters and learns what combination works best for their purpose. While this may appear like a common image processing tool, it’s quite different in that the tool only performs the basic methods studied in the course. The engineering of the vision system is not performed by the tool. Once the student decides on the best combination then the student can implement a complete software program using the same library of methods used to implement the tool thereby saving them implementation time.

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